Table 8. Parental Involvement Checklist

Does your school do a good job of reaching out to parents? Use the checklist below, based on the Six Slices of Parental Involvement, Project Appleseed's national standards, to evaluate and improve parent-school partnerships:

Check Box Volunteering

Check Box Parenting

Check Box Communicating

Check Box Learning at home

Check Box Decision-making

Check Box Collaborating with the community

One way to start improving your school's parent-school partnerships is by assessing present practices. The following questions can help you evaluate how well your school is reaching out to parents.

Check Box Which partnership practices are currently working well at each grade level?

Check Box Which partnership practices should be improved or added in each grade?

Check Box How do you want your school's family involvement practices to look three years from now?

Check Box Which present practices should change and which should continue?

Check Box Which families are you reaching and which are hard to reach?

Check Box What can be better done to communicate with the latter?

Check Box What costs are associated with the improvements you want?

Check Box How will you evaluate the results of your efforts?

Check Box What opportunities will you arrange for teachers, parents, and students to share information on successful practices in order to strengthen their own efforts?