Table 1. Ideas for Low-Cost or No-Cost Rewards

Secondary Students

Check Box  Adult volunteers write a letter of recommendation for a job for the student.

Check Box  Choose to do a class presentation on a particular subject of interest.

Check Box  Choose the homework assignment for the class.

Check Box  Dress the school mascot during a game or assembly.

Check Box  Free entrance to a school event

Check Box  Free library pass

Check Box  Make the morning announcements.

Check Box  Highlight a school event of choice on the bulletin board in the main area.

Check Box  Serve as office aide for a period.

Check Box  Participate in a brainstorming session of a council, department meeting, or discipline review team.

Check Box  Eat lunch at a special table.

Check Box  Shadow the principal for an hour.

Check Box  Shadow a job and write a report for extra credit.

Check Box  Privilege of leaving books in classroom instead of lugging to locker

Check Box  Reserved seating at a school event for the student and three friends

Check Box  Serve as student ambassador if visitors come to the school.

Check Box  Special parking preference for a day

Check Box  Guest DJ for a song at a school dance

Check Box  Select which math problem is a freebie in the day's homework.

Check Box  Plan the activity for one of the days in Spirit Week.

Elementary Students

Check Box  Be a helper in another classroom.

Check Box  Read stories to younger students.

Check Box  Be featured on a school recognition board.

Check Box  Be the first one in the lunch line.

Check Box  Be the leader of a class game.

Check Box  Be the teacher's helper for a day.

Check Box  Be the line leader for a day.

Check Box  Choose a book for the teacher to read to the class.

Check Box  Choose any class job for the week.

Check Box  Choose music for the class.

Check Box  Choose the game in physical education class.

Check Box  Select which homework problem is the freebie for the day.

Check Box  Design a class bulletin board.

Check Box  Earn a free pass to a school event.

Check Box  Earn a pass to a local attraction, if resources are available.

Check Box  Earn a trophy, ribbon, or certificate.

Check Box  Earn extra credit.

Check Box  Earn extra computer time.

Check Box  Earn lunch with the principal, teacher, or other school staff.

Check Box  Earn the privilege of e-mailing the parent at work to tell of accomplishments.

Check Box  Enjoy class outdoors for one class.

Check Box  Pick the activity for free time.

Check Box  Get extra art time.

Check Box  Get an extra trip to the library.

Check Box  Earn an extra recess or game for the class.

Check Box  Earn a positive phone call or postcard home from the teacher.

Check Box  Make deliveries to the office.

Check Box  Play a favorite game or puzzle.

Check Box  Read the announcements.

Check Box  Receive a five-minute chat break at the end of the day.

Check Box  Sit at the teacher's desk for a set amount of time.

Check Box  Sit next to the teacher during a special activity.

Check Box  Take care of the class animal, if applicable.

Check Box  Teach the class a favorite game.

Check Box  Assist the principal for a set amount of time.


Check Box  Select a topic for an upcoming staff meeting.

Check Box  Be highlighted as 'staff of the day' on the main bulletin board.

Check Box  Be highlighted during morning announcements.

Check Box  A postcard is sent home detailing something accomplished and/or admired.

Check Box  'Kudos' notes left on staff desk/area

Check Box  Special parking preference for a day

Check Box  First in line for the copier


Check Box  Thank-you notes from the class for helping at an event or activity

Check Box  Recognition on the school bulletin board

Check Box  Recognition at school assemblies

Check Box  Recognition at school-site council meetings

Check Box  Thank-you notes from the principal and school staff

Check Box  Certificates of appreciation