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It takes an average of three days for a student to catch up for each day of school missed.


Dear Parent/Guardian of:                     

We want every child at our school to succeed. Each day that a student misses school, he/she misses critica1 instructional time. We are committed to assisting all students to achieve Proficient/Advanced attendance, missing no more than 7 days in a schoo1 year. We ask you as the parent/guardian, to assist your child in reaching this goaI. Your child currently has [INSERT#] absences .

According to the California Education Code, students may be excused from school for the folllowing reasons:

1) Illness, verified by a doctor or school nurse;

2) Medical appointments, verified with a note from the dentist or doctor;

3) Quarantine in the home, verified by the health department;

4) Funeral, death of an immediate family member (one day within the State, three days out of State);

5) Court Appearance when the student's name is on the subpoena;

6) Religious holiday/retreat/ceremony (max 4 hours per semester or with prior written consent).

The upcoming [holiday/vacation] will be from [vacation dates]. All students will RETURN ON [DATE OF RETURN]. Any absences on the days before or after this scheduled holiday must be verified and may be marked as UNEXCUSED.

Please schedule all family vacations and appointments during non-school days/hours so that your child does not lose out on valuable instructional time. Support your child's academic growth by ensuring s/he is in schooI every day and on time. If you have any questions, please call               at              .