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Dear Parent/Guardian of                              ,

The [INSERT] Instruction Day is [DATE]. On this day, all students who have been enrolled since the first day of school and have               or FEWER absences will be recognized for having Proficient/ Advanced attendance. We will celebrate the [INSERT] of instruction with various activities for students who are achieving the goal and/or maintain Perfect Attendance from today until [INSERT DATE].

Don't let your child miss out! Send your child to school every day!

As of today, your child, [INSERT STUDENT NAME] has
an attendance rate of [INSERT%] with [INSERT##] absences.

All students should have 96% or higher attendance throughout the school year. The table below explains in detail how this can be achieved.


If your child has already exceeded 7 absences, please speak to [INSERT NAME] at [INSERT PHONE #]. It is important to prevent further disruption to your child's learning.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you!



Counselor Name/Title


Approved by:          , Principal