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It has come to the attention of District Office that your child has not met the criteria to continue at District Office under the terms of the permit approved and agreed to upon by you and the District. Your student's attendance, grades, and citizenship must be in good standing in order to maintain a permit with our district. On                ; and                you received prior notification that your child's permit was in jeopardy. The permit was revoked due to the following reasons:

checkbox Attendance (excessive tardies and/or absences)
checkbox Unsatisfactory behavior
checkbox Unsatisfactory Grades

Remind your child that by signing the permit application, you agreed that your student "will be transferred back to his/her district of residence if academic, attendance, or citizenship is unsatisfactory."

The school administration encourages you to work with your student to improve his grades, attendance, and all other conditions set forth in the permit application. It is recommended that you contact the office at the school to schedule an appointment with the administrator to discuss your child's permit.


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