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You are receiving this letter because your child has _______ excused period absences this year,

I am concerned about these and want to inform you about District Board Policy 5113, which is related to school attendance. Ten days of excused absence is considered "excessive" and requires action on your part. Specifically, this Policy stipulates that:

    1. A student is allowed 10 days of excused absences due to illness in the school year.
    2. Each absence beyond 10 days must be verified by a health professional which may include the school nurse. The parent will not be allowed to write a note to excuse absences beyond the 10 days.
    3. Parents have only 10 calendar days to provide a valid reason to excuse an absence. If a valid reason is not provided within the 10 days, the absence is considered "unexcused." State law declares a student truant when the student has 3 unexcused absences.
    4. Parents of children with health issues or a chronic illness may complete the 'Verification of Chronic illness" form. This form authorizes the school nurse to speak with the child's doctor about the child's health issues and how they impact school attendance. Once the form is approved by the school nurse, the parent may continue to write notes to excuse all absences as in the past.

The purpose of this policy is to improve school attendance and make students and parents more accountable for the days the student is not in school This Policy is not intended to be punitive for the parent or student. If your child's absences were the result of health issues or illness, I encourage you to consult with our school nurse immediately so the enforcement of BP 5113 does not cause you undue worry or concern. You can also refer to pages 11-12 in the District's. Parent and Student Handbook for more information about school attendance.

Please feel free to contact the Attendance Office staff or the school nurse if you have questions.

I wish you and your child a year of good health, growth and academic achievement.



Ursula LeGuin

cc:  Student File
      Coordinator, Child Welfare and Attendance