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Tardy Letter Greeting

I am writing you because I am concerned about your child's tardiness to school. To date, your child has been tardy to school 4 times this school year.

It is important that students arrive on time to school each day and be ready to learn. Students arriving late to class interrupt the learning of other students and may bring negative attention to themselves. Lost class time is lost learning for all, even if it is a minute or two.

In addition to the disruption tardiness creates, it is also a violation of California law. The California Code of Regulations Title 5, Section 300 (5CCR300), requires that "every pupil shall attend school punctually und regularly; conform to the regulations of the school; obey promptly all the directions of the teacher and others jn authority ..." Continued tardiness may be referred to the District's School Attendance Review Board (SARB). SARB is authorized by law (Education Code 48320 et seq.) to review cases of irregular attendance which may be in violation of California's Compulsory Education laws.

My staff and I want to work with you and all parents to ensure that all students receive the quality education they deserve and need. Please discuss the importance of being on time to school with your child. Please communicate with the office staff or myself if there are extenuating circumstances which require my attention.

I am confident that your discussion with your child, and any needed changes in family routines, will result in improved attendance with no further action required. Thank you for your cooperation and compliance with this situation.




Octavia Butler

cc:    Student File
        Coordinator. Student Services/Welfare