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Job Purpose:

Pupil Services and Attendance Counselors. (PSA) Counselors are Child Welfare advocates who serve as the liaison between school, home and the community. They work with and on behalf of students whose home or community life presents barriers which impede educational progress. PSA Counselors work directly with students who experience difficulties in educational achievement due to social/emotional, adjustment and/or attendance issues. They provide direct clinical and case management services to students and parents, and provide consultation and in-services to school site personnel. PSA Counselors work to ensure equity and access for students to all available educational resources and link students to community resources in order to advance opportunities for success.

PSA Counselors serve in the Pupil Services Unit, under the Division of Health and Human Services. The PSA Counselor receives administrative and technical direction from the Director and PSA Field Coordinators.

Assignment and Salary

Assignment is C-basis (160 hours per pay period, 10.2 school months) on schedule 33 D of the Special Services Salary Schedule.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identify and provide advocacy, child welfare and attendance services to students.
  • Facilitate student achievement by preventing students dropping out, improving their social adjustment, and adding to their sense of school stability.
  • identify, assess, and provide clinical intervention to students with behavioral, social, and attendance issues for appropriate school-based and community services.
  • Have knowledge of and ability to utilize effective group and individual counseling skills and techniques.
  • Provide in·home and/or school-based counseling services and on-going case management to targeted students and their families.
  • Participate in the development of district-wide initiatives and policy and procedure bulletins in all areas related to safety, violence prevention, and the welfare of students.
  • Protect, the educational rights of at-risk students, foster-care, homeless students, pregnant and parenting teens, camp returnees, and other disenfranchised youth by linking them to the appropriate services and advocating on their behalf.
  • Participate in the development, planning and implementation of multi-disciplinary and integrated learning support services at the school, local district, and LAUSD levels. These services include but are not limited to Student Success Team (SST), Resource Coordinating Teams (RCT), School Attendance Review Teams (SART), and Dropout Prevention and Recovery Teams.
  • Initiate referrals for parents and students to appropriate community agencies when their needs are beyond the scope of the school; work, cooperatively with these and other agencies on a continuing basis regarding aspects of the students problems which may affect school adjustment.
  • Develop and implement training for school and local district personnel on the California Codes (Education, Welfare and Institutions, Labor, Penal, etc.) as they relate to the welfare of students and to the District's policies and procedures.
  • Develop and maintain school-site attendance plans and motivation and incentive programs.
  • Promote the development and involvement of community partnerships such as law enforcement, Probation, and government agencies.
  • Prepare cases referred to Resource Panel, Student Attendance Review Team, and the School Attendance Review Board, the City/District Attorney's Office, and Juvenile Court.
  • Participate on school-based and/or local district Crisis Response Teams. During periods of critical personnel shortage or other emergency situation, shall temporarily perform any duties, as directed, within the authorization of any credentials held by the incumbent that are registered with the Los Angeles County Office of Education, and are part of the class description requirements in effect at the time such duties are performed, in accordance with the District·UTLA Agreement.
  • Provide leadership in facilitating group processes, including consensus building and conflict resolution.
  • Able to traverse all areas of the worksite and ability to travel to other site locations.


This examination is open to all persons from within and outside of the Los Angeles Unified School District who qualify under the requirements listed below. All requirements must be completed at the time of filing:

A. Education
An earned master's degree or advanced degree of at least equivalent standard from an accredited college or university in the school of: Education, Psychology, Social Work, or Counseling.

B. Experience
In at least one of the following areas:

  1. One year of successful full-time teaching experience at the elementary and/or secondary level.
  2. One year of supervised field experience working with school age children, as verified by an approved institution, in social work, school counseling, or school psychology;
  3. One year of successful full-time service in a certificated position which requires a pupil personnel services credential.

C. Credentials
The applicant must hold or be eligible for one of the following California credentials or credential combinations authorizing K-12 service:

  1. A Pupil Personnel Services Creden1ial authorizing service in child welfare and attendance (R514, If obtained after 1992).
  2. Basic Pupil Personnel Services Credential

D. California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST)
A copy of the CBEST verification card must be included in the application unless a certificated person holds a valid, applicable California credential which was initially issued prior to February 1, 1983.

E. Health
Physical and mental fitness to engage in counseling service as certified by a licensed physician or medical officer pursuant to Education Code Section 44839 and evidence of freedom from active tuberculosis pursuant to Education Code Section 49406.

F. Special Requirements
The use of an automobile including a valid California Driver's license, and automobile insurance.

Application Procedure

A new application must be filed regardless of any applications previously filed. Applications are available on the web at (under jobs, click on "Online certificated application', under Support Services Jobs, click on Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor). Completed applications may be returned in person or sent through U.S. Mail The mailing address is:

Los Angeles Unified School District-Pupil Services
333 South Beaudry Avenue, 29th Floor
Los Angeles. California 90017
Attention: Debra Duardo, Director Pupil Services

Examination Procedure

The examination process will include:

  1. An evaluation of training and experience based upon ratings received from referents.
  2. An evaluation of personal qualities based upon an oral interview and ratings received from referents.
  3. Review of application packet materials

Interview Examination

Placement on the eligibility list for Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor position requires that the applicant successfully pass the oral interview. The eligibility list is viable for one year.

PLEASE NOTE: The written application is only part of the examination process. Each application is thoroughly reviewed for materials submitted, level of experience, professional references, and appropriateness for the position. The Submission of an application does not guarantee an interview.

Filing Deadline
Applications are accepted on a continuous basis except during periods when there are sufficient numbers of available candidates on the eligibility list.